Wednesday, December 27, 2006

SDUT supports return of ReadyReturn: THUMBS UP!

The Franchise Tax Board made it easy for the poor to file their tax returns: it sends them a filled-out form that just needs to be signed and sent back if they agree with it.

But the California legislature, after lobbying by the TurboTax folks, stopped the practice. Steve Westly and the brave members of the Franchise Tax Board then brought ReadyReturn back!

Note to the California legislature: send the TurboTax lobbyists home! The poor shouldn't have to pay TurboTax for extremely simple tax returns.

SDUT supports Byrd-Obey earmark ban: THUMBS UP!

San Diego Union Tribune today supported a ban on congressional earmarks. The SDUT noted that the new (Democratic) chairmen of the Senate and House appropriations committees STRIPPED ABOUT 10,000 EARMARKS FROM THE SPENDING BILLS THAT THE LAST (Republican) CONGRESS NEVER GOT AROUND TO PASSING. The SDUT also noted that Democrats and Republicans have often colluded in approving pork for each other's districts.

Write your representatives, the SDUT said. You got it, Bob Kittle. I wrote to DUNCAN HUNTER, DIANNE FEINSTEIN, BARBARA BOXER, and told them I want them to vote to end earmarks. I said our country cannot continue to be for sale, and still endure as a democracy.

Don't sell us out, I said.