Sunday, June 24, 2007

The San Diego Union-Tribune Has Standards

Yesterday, Logan Jenkins of the San Diego Union Tribune wrote about the settlement MiraCosta College made with President Victoria Richart to get her to go away:

"I don't know what element of the settlement to admire more.

"The $650,000 in “damages”? (You help blow up the place and then collect for your theoretical injury at the hands of dissident board members who may have illegally dissed your leadership. Fabulous!)

"Indemnification in all future lawsuits? (You walk away clean, no harm, no foul – forever!)

"The confidentiality clause? (All lips are sealed. No snitching!)

"Though not highlighted in the press, one clause of the settlement struck us as especially brilliant.

"If the college fails to pony up the dough by next Saturday, you'll “remain as Superintendent/President until those payments are made.”

"Talk about striking the fear of God into your marks. Pay me or I'll . . . stay!

"Madam president, you must be very tired, but deliriously happy."

These three comments had been posted by the time I read the piece on the Internet:

By wondering on 06/23/2007
Bravo, Mr. Jenkins !!!

By whatagreatscam on 06/23/2007
I was not even aware of all the preceding details of this situation and it was apparent to me that this circumstance is the modus operandi of this woman. Those board members must have been asleep.

By Sky173 on 06/24/2007
I guess San Diego has become the haven of every white collar crook in the U.S., be it college president, politician, or developer.

I figured, why don't I add a post, too? Here's what I said:
I hope Victoria Richart will show due respect to those who have paved the way for her. What if Daniel Shinoff's partner Leslie Devaney had never pulled off the Laurie Madigan deal in Chula Vista? In Chula Vista, the public official in charge, mayor Cheryl Cox, was also a client of Daniel Shinoff, just like the MiraCosta Board. It's remarkable the way the Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz law firm plays both ends against the middle, with the taxpayers footing the bill for both sides!

I came back two hours later, and all four posts had been erased. I'm trying to figure out which of the rules we broke.
Here is the SDUT posting policy: "Comments containing threats, foul language or thinly disguised foul language will be deleted. Keep it civil, stay on topic and your posts will remain online."

I figure I violated the unwritten SDUT policy: "Thou shalt not speak ill of Daniel Shinoff, Leslie Devaney, or Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff & Holtz."

UPDATE: All the comments were back the morning after I posted this. Thank you, SDUT!

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