Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Karin Winner and Chris Jennewein agree on one thing

Voice of San Diego describes a rift between Karin Winner and Chris Jennewein at the San Diego Union-Tribune.

From personal experience I am able to report that these two think very much alike when it comes to keeping the secrets of San Diego county schools. They both love to write about schools, but they stick to the theatrics, not the real stories.

Rob Davis of Voice of San Diego reports:

"The company essentially has two separate enterprises: The Union-Tribune and SignOnSanDiego.com. Each has a different leader.

"Six current and former employees said a well-known rift exists between those two leaders: Winner, and the newspaper's vice president of Internet operations, Chris Jennewein, who oversees SignOnSanDiego.com.

"Winner and Jennewein "don't like each other, they undermine each other -- and it's one company for God's sakes," said a former employee. "I don’t understand the philosophy of allowing them to do this."

"Said another current staffer: "If you can't solve that most basic problem, how are you going to solve the Herculean problems that are facing this industry?"

"A reporter who attended a 2007 newsroom strategy meeting in which Winner laid out ideas for the company's future said the editor closed the session with this request: Don't tell the workers at SignOnSanDiego.com about what was discussed.

"Winner said she did not recall making the comment. If she did say it, Winner said she was probably joking. Her relationship with Jennewein "is not a personal relationship that matters," she said..."


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